SOA Suite MDS Manager

Anyone who has used the SOA Suite MDS knows how cumbersome maintaining the repository can be. You can manage it with the command-line with WLST. Or, you can use the References pane of JDeveloper (but that is read-only). I have always wanted an easier way to manage the MDS repository. I wanted to have something like an MDS Explorer.

I created the MDS Manager to give me an Explorer kind of experience when managing files in the MDS repository. It allows you to view the contents of the repository, export, import, delete, and view files. I haven't made too many Java Swing applications so it's a little rough. But it should be good enough to manage the contents of the MDS repository of a development environment. 

I am making the Java source code available for those who are interested. I separated the MDS operations into a separate project called MDSUtil. This project can be used for other projects that need to manipulate the MDS repository. Click here to download the JDeveloper application source code. 

For those who just want to run the MDS Manager, click here to download the jar. I recommend executing it from the command-line: "java -jar MDSManager.jar". Use at your own risk.


  • MDS folder structure for the repository is in the left pane.
  • Files in the MDS for the selected item in the tree pane are listed in the right pane.
  • To export a folder with it's files and sub-folders from MDS, drag the item in the tree to the desired location in the file explorer.
  • To export a file, drag the file from the right pane to the desired location in the file explorer.
  • To import files or folders, first select the item in the tree into which the items will be imported. Then, drag the items to be imported (file or folder) from your file explorer and drop them on the toolbar of the MDS manager.
  • Files or folders can be deleted by first selecting the item, then either pressing the delete toolbar button, or the delete key on the keyboard.
  • To view the contents of a file, double-click the file in the right pane.

Widgets in the Google Play Store

I just published a couple of apps on Google Play. I have been playing around with Zooper Widgets for a while now. And I want to share some of my work.

Zooper Dashboard Gauges

The first one is Zooper Dashboard Gauges.


The Zooper Widget allows you to create your own widgets and customize your Android phone or tablet as you like. I created a set of three widgets using this Widget.

The primary widget looks like a dashboard of a car going down the road. The following picture shows all of the features of this widget.

The other two widgets just show the current temperature with the low and high temperature for the day in a gauge. One is for dark backgrounds. The other is for light backgrounds.

Zooper Trecky Widgets

I'm an old fan of a certain science fiction television show. I recently put these widgets together while watching a few old episodes. I hope you like it.
The first one shows a whole lot of information on the screen in an LCARS-like fashion. It is designed to be a full-screen widget.

"He's dead Jim!"
The next one was fun to make too. It is a replica to the medical display from TOS.
It is another full-screen widget that will tell you the time and date. The "Respiration" and "Pulse" lights will light up semi-randomly.

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